Dentistry for Children

The start of a healthy mouth, for a lifetime, starts from a very early age.

Bona-Fide Dental believe the key to good oral hygiene habits begins with very early education amongst children. We recommend the first dental visit for a child is ideally between 18 months and 3 years of age.

We know that your child’s visit may be daunting and stressful for both you and your child, but we are here to ease your little one into their first dental visit. Our approach with children is one of fun, but also nurturing, caring and educational.  We have a dedicated spot in our waiting area where your child can relax and have fun.  At Bona-Fide Dental, we offer our junior patients HAPPY GAS SEDATION for a more comfortable and relaxed dental experience.

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Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme

Bona-Fide Dental participate in the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule. Medicare funds the preventative dental care scheme available for children aged between 2 and 17 years and is a means-tested Government scheme. Generally, children from families receiving Family Assistance and those that qualify for Austudy are eligible.

For information on your eligibility, please contact Medicare or Centrelink.  Learn more

In most cases, the first visit involves very little treatment. Firstly, we will gently examine your child’s teeth, and gums then may offer a dental clean as well as fluoride treatment. During the appointment, only if needed, we will discuss any other procedures required and provide you with the options. For more invasive treatments such as dental fillings, we offer ‘happy gas’ sedation for children under the age of 8.


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