Invisible Braces

ClearCorrect Works

At Bona-Fide Dental we believe that through regular orthodontic treatments and personalised dental care plans you too can achieve straight teeth and a beautiful smile you’ve always wished for.

We all know of the conventional braces with brackets and metal wires.  The general perception is that these types of braces are aesthetically unpleasing, but they are also not very convenient regarding cleaning and comfort.

ClearCorrect is, therefore, the ideal solution for the correction of teeth alignment.

ClearCorrect aligners are made from uniquely engineered proprietary BPA-free polymers that are aesthetically clear, functionally crack and wear resistant, flexible and comfortable.  A series of the invisible aligners are worn and teeth are gradually straightened, improving the look of your smile.

It is most effective in straightening teeth that have relapsed after previous orthodontic braces or for mild to moderately crowded teeth.

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