Direct Crown in 1 Hour

At Bona-Fide Dental, we offer our patients the convenient new revolutionary minimally invasive one visit crown called OVC4.

OVC4 has been developed to provide people with a more time convenient and affordable crown/onlay.  OVC4 utilises a custom made Zirconia Hybrid shells for each tooth, making it possible to protect and improve the look of the broken/weakened or badly stained tooth without the price tag of a full custom made crown.

A simple one step impression is taken at the free consultation visit for the customised OVC4.  In most cases, OVC4 can be completed in one hour, hence making it possible for busy people to acquire the tooth-saving crowns.

The One Visit Crown is a conservative option, designed to preserve your remaining tooth structure. This means less drilling than conventional crowns.

This revolutionary crown is available for just $950.  A pretreatment consultation is compulsory as not all teeth are suitable for OVC4.  At Bona-Fide Dental, pretreatment OVC4 consultation is complimentary.  Book your free consultation visit today.

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